TEODOR is a Bulgarian brand for men's fashion, established in 1989 and has established its name over the years as one of the fastest growing and established fashion brands. With over 30 years of experience, they create garments with impeccable style and high quality.

Over the years, the brand has become synonymous with style and high quality. Their main goal is to create a flawless look. In each of their collections, the focus is on the detail - from the cut to the sleeve button. The detail that sets each man apart with his individual style and spirit. The brand relies entirely on natural fabrics and fabrics such as wool, cotton, linen.

Inspired by the Bulgarian man and his dynamic everyday life, TEODOR offers a wide range of models suitable for every situation. They skillfully combine the elegant with the modern without compromising on comfort. Their casual clothing is designed to reinforce style with the latest trends in men's fashion.

Their mission is to be a guide to quality and style in men's fashion.
For them, being cavalier is a matter of choice and never goes out of style!

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