About Sofia Ring Mall

What makes us special?

  • Wide open spaces and green areas
  • Beautiful mountain view from the large terraces of all 4 restaurants and 4 cafes in the mall
  • Exclusive Mercedes-Benz showroom
  • The only spa hotel and pet clinic in the Balkans
  • The only trampoline park located in a mall
  • The only indoor karting in Bulgaria
  • Unique cinema with 10 VIP halls
  • A unique amusement park for children with a real ice rink and themed party areas
  • The first Pulse fitness club a shopping center
  • Convenient free bus line to Sofia Ring Mall

Since its launch, Sofia Ring Mall has been a preferred destination for all of Sofia’s residents and visitors. Everything here is done with people in mind - from choosing the perfect and unique location near Vitosha to the specially planned events organized for people of all ages. Thanks to its modern architecture and the enormous open spaces inside and outside the mall, people can enjoy a unique experience possible only in Sofia Ring Mall.

Sofia Ring Mall is home for hundreds of brands, carefully selected to meet every need, whether it's recreation, shopping, eating or even entertainment like trampoline jumping and go-karting. The mall offers a unique selection of restaurants and food places, a convenient Lidl supermarket, one of the richest homeware store sectors, several diverse kids areas and an exclusive Mercedes-Benz showroom for the people with the most refined taste. And thanks to the parking lot’s easy access, the visitors of Sofia Ring Mall can focus on what’s most important for them – spending an excellent leisure time.