Sofia Karting Ring

Sofia Karting Ring (SKR) is the largest indoor karting track. It is located on an area of 7 acres in Sofia Ring Mall, on level 1. The total length of Sofia Karting Ring is 620 m, with a width of 7,60 m, which will challenge all karting fans.
The runway is built with barriers providing the highest degree of safety when piloting.
The surface with which the track is covered is a specialised paint providing the best grip, which is essential to follow the ideal trajectory while enjoying the 16 turns of the SKR.
Karting - the latest models from Sodikart, a world leader in the field of kart manufacturers, focus on safety. All karts are equipped with safety harnesses and an impact energy absorption system.
In the drivers' equipment, Sofia Karting Ring relies on extremely high quality Sparco helmets - set as a standard for safety. For the youngest karting fans, special collars and vests are provided to further protect them in their speed laps.
The cards
Small and large kart drivers will be the first to experience the convenience of Sodi's latest kart models.
Sodi LR5 - developed specifically for children and teenagers aged 6 to 12 years, it is reliable and guarantees the highest degree of safety.
It can be said that the Sodi LR5 children's go-kart is fully adjustable according to the height of the rider: seat, pedals and steering wheel can be adjusted to achieve maximum comfort and convenience and the little "racer" can focus entirely on winning.

Karting accessible to everyone, with this idea Sodikart developed the new two-seater kart Sodi Double 2Drive. Ideal both for learning trajectories and a good opportunity for children or people with disabilities to experience the thrill of karting.
Sodi RX8 - 2015 model paves the way for the new generation of amateur cards. A combination of unique design and the best technological innovations on the market. With engine - 200cc, 6,5 hp, adjustable pedals and seat (for minimum height of 1,40 cm height).

The Sofia Karting Ring Café Club is your place to follow any and every motor race, whether it's happening right now on the track or it's a round of a championship on your favourite sports channel. It's a meeting with friends and a shared time to talk that will be energizing even if you don't follow the racing around you. The coffee club will not leave you indifferent and bored, because everyone who comes to Sofia Karting Ring is already our friend.
Entertainment areas
In the Sofia Karting Ring there are several areas for the convenience of visitors:
fan zone that welcomes you at the entrance and immerses you in the world of karting and Formula 1;
Fun zone - equipped with simulators, gaming tables, air hockey, foosball, children's bumper cars that allow shooting with a laser or a ball for even more fun "chasing";

Kids Formula and bikes for the little ones to enjoy their skills and share the emotion of riding.
Fun and enjoyable time is guaranteed, whether you will be racing on the track or in the company of your loved ones in some of the areas of the Sofia Karting Ring.

When looking for a place to celebrate a child's birthday, the opportunity for fun and ample space for games are always leading.
Sofia Karting Ring is extremely suitable for organizing various parties, such as: children's birthday parties, Christmas, etc.
For every motor fan, the colours of Ferrari, Mercedes, BMW and Audi are like his favourites. Iconic brands mean much more - they are emotion, meaning, they carry a charge that only a true fan will appreciate. For those special friends on the track, there are separate seating areas designed by the world's automotive brands, which are also the best place to sit with your guests and celebrate your DAY.

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