PRIMIGI - more than 35 years on the feet of millions of children!

The Italian children's shoe brand PRIMIGI has a great historical heritage. The company was founded back in 1976 and from the very beginning it has occupied its rightful place in the children's footwear market in the boot country.

Since its opening, the brand has become synonymous with technological know-how, carefully selected materials and Italian style. The success is not delayed: Primigi shoes are appreciated for the quality of the materials, the design technology, the careful designing and shaping of the shoes helping the feet to grow strong. The brand's products are manufactured in accordance with the industry's innovative principles.

A few years later, PRIMIGI became the leaders on the Italian market, maintaining and gradually strengthening this position, while at the same time the brand began to expand into the larger markets of Europe. In 2001, the fashion brand bought IMAC SpA, a leading manufacturer of footwear for men, women and children, further accelerating the company's technological growth.

More than 35 years of operation and specialization in the children's market prompted the company to create a complete brand image of Primigi with marketing extension in the field of both manufactured shoes for children and children's clothing. As a result, in 2007 the company expanded its business, opening a chain of branded PRIMIGI STORE stores, which are a new type of shoe, clothing, lingerie and accessory stores combined together and offered in one location. PRIMIGI STORE is an absolute novelty on the Italian market, a store with a unique "format". It offers a complete and varied range of products, allowing you to dress "from head to toe" children and teenagers from 0 to 17 years old!

Philosophy and brand knowledge - "Freedom and health for children"

Primigi children's shoes are always attentive and devoted to children - the most demanding consumers who grow and change, eager for the future.

Primigi produce shoes for children that look good and are comfortable to wear, that protect children and accompany them on an extraordinary adventure called "development".

Specialists in innovation

The specialists of the PRIMIGI brand of children's shoes are valued by parents and children because they are specialists in the children's field: they know the specific needs of each age and accompany the child's development, carefully making the necessary decisions. All shoes are designed down to the smallest detail to ensure comfort, lightness, breathability and durability of the goods.

Technology - PRIMIGI SYSTEM /quality guarantee and technological innovation/

For more than 35 years, the specialists atPRIMIGI have been thinking exclusively about children's health when manufacturing children's shoes.

The quality ofPRIMIGI's production , the matting used, the exceptional attention to detail, the excellent price/quality ratio and the consideration of seasonal trends, guarantee the brand's clothing and shoes a high quality that no parent would refuse.

PRIMIGI - impeccable Italian style for children!

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