In 2021. Postbank celebrates its 30th anniversary and consolidates its solid presence among the leaders of the banking market in Bulgaria. The financial institution has a long-term credit rating of BBB-, positive outlook, confirmed in June 2020 by the Bulgarian Credit Rating Agency (BACR).

Postbank has one of the best developed high-tech branch networks and modern digital banking channels. In 2019, it launched a complete overhaul of its branch network by opening its first digital offices as part of its overall policy to innovate for the convenience of its customers. As part of its strategy to deliver an excellent customer experience for every customer in mid-2020 and in line with global best practices, Postbank has also introduced digital express banking areas to its branch network, which provide more speed and where customers can identify themselves with their bank card and perform around 90% of the transactions carried out at the teller themselves.

Digital express banking areas of Postbank provide new contactless functionalitywhich allows payment and non-payment transactions by bringing the card closer to the contactless reader of the respective device. With the introduction of the new generation service, the financial institution further facilitates its customers with contactless cards to quickly and conveniently carry out banking transactions without visiting a bank branch. The following services can now also be performed contactlessly at the bank's ATMs: cash withdrawal, balance checking, payment of household bills, payment of a credit card debt from Postbank, receipt of Western Union money transfers on a Postbank debit card and cash deposit on a Postbank card at ATMs with deposit function. Postbank's customers are also provided with the option of contactless transactions, applicable through the self-service devices in the digital express banking areas, which allow almost all transactions to be carried out without having to visit a bank office.

In 2021, the implementation of innovative digital solutions will continue to be a key focus of the bank's strategy, while further expanding the functionalities of its digital areas and the coverage of its branch network.