Mat Star

Matt Star is a Bulgarian company, successfully established on our market and abroad. The company has a tradition in the production, import and distribution of footwear since 1971 and offers an abundance of fashionable shoes and bags of high quality at affordable prices.

MatStar models satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding customers. The chain includes more than 30 stores in Bulgaria , which offer casual, sports, formal, home and work shoes - more than 1000 items for children, women and men of all ages.

Matt Star is also successfully present in the Balkan countries, as the company has offices in Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, China, Kosovo, Syria and representative shops in Greece, Austria, Malta, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia.

The trademark is registered in more than 40 countries - Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, France, Albania, Germany, former Yugoslavia, Hungary, Italy and Romania. Matt Star uses the technological capacities and design concepts of the factories that the world's leading companies work with.

+359 888 551462