Lee Cooper

Founded by Maurice Cooper in 1908 in Stanford, London, the Lee Cooper brand was the first denim manufacturer in Europe. Lee Cooper is always on the cutting edge of trends and technology, but also retains the authenticity of denim, following the maxim that real denim should not be over-designed, over-processed or over-priced.

From denim's beginnings as workwear and military wear, today the brand has established itself as a must-have in every quality denim connoisseur's wardrobe and continues to develop and dictate international trends from its UK headquarters.

The brand is represented in over 70 countries around the world, operates 683 stores and produces over 5 million pairs of jeans a year.

Today Lee Cooper is a legend. Because throughout the years, in every cut, fabric and stitch, the brand has followed its motto "Dedicated to denim, true to style!"

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