The first Flocafé opened its doors in 1994 and a new era in taste and quality began from that moment. After 20 years of successful development, Flocafé outlets number more than 80 in Greece. Since 2003, Flocafé has been operating successfully abroad with the opening of outlets in Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary. The Flocafé brand has been created and developed through continuous training and team effort, always guaranteeing the quality and safety of the products it offers and building strong relationships with its customers. Today, the inexhaustible energy, passion for coffee and the constant search for the optimal quality of our products and services has led us to the next step, Flocafe Espresso Room. The aim of this new concept is to offer the best in an environment where people, products, flavours and music create the perfect blend. Meet FLOCAFE Espresso Room: It's all about coffee!

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