"Berozka" is a chain of Russian stores that offer its customers food products typical of Russian lifestyle and culture.

We currently operate 35 stores in Bulgaria and another 8 in Romania. In this regard, we have managed to position ourselves as a recognizable brand and continue to develop successfully.

The products we offer are imported from Russia, Germany, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, etc. We have also developed our own brands - Russian Product, Russian Treats and Russian Cuisine, through which we offer goods made according to traditional Russian recipes.

Here you can find different types of products that you cannot find everywhere:

- A wide range of quality Russian vodkas;

- Over 80 types of chocolate products;

- Natural black and red caviar;

- Russian gingerbread;

- Wide range of Russian salads and ready-made culinary products;

- Variety of fish products and many other things;

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