Area 52 Trampoline Park

AREA 52 is the place where you can exercise and keep fit and at the same time - have fun like never before! Challenge gravity in the largest trampoline park on the Balkans in Sofia Ring Mall.

Jump into the adventure! There is a challenge for everyone! You can do a space dive, run or climb a wall, participate in a gladiator battle with a friend, attend a unique fitness class, jump into a giant hovercraft to balance on a tightrope, test your agility with the monkey blocks, challenge your stamina and intellect with the interactive wall, or embark on an adrenaline-filled experience!

Trampolining is one of the Olympic disciplines, which is why AREA 52 has competition jumping facilities that meet international standards.

Besides being an exciting experience, jumping on a trampoline is one of the most effective methods for burning calories and developing muscles.

The best bouncing dance floor around is here, too! Every Friday, right at 7:00 p.m. the lights go down, the resident DJ gets behind the decks, the music turns up and the real party begins! For two hours, you'll be able to dance while jumping and fueling up on adrenaline and good vibes.

There are also special offers for the whole family. Create unforgettable family memories by taking advantage of all the facilities in the park together.

A special area is also set aside for kids between 2 and 5 years old - a visit there is sure to increase the life of your beds and mattresses.

After so much emotion and physical activity, of course, it's time for rest. AREA 52 Café is the place where you can relax and try the variety of food and drinks on offer.

Sofia Ring Mall, level 0