Aquamarine Shoes & Bags

AQUAMARINE is a Bulgarian fashion brand for leather shoes and bags. AQUAMARINE has been offering a huge variety of styles for 10 years. The brand name is a guarantee of quality and exceptional service.

Each women's collection is deeply inspired by femininity in its broadest sense - a touch of tenderness and romantic spirit, yet personal style and glamour.

AQUAMARINE's development team follows the world's best fashion trends. The materials are precisely selected and the production process is carefully monitored.

AQUAMARINE is the official representative of Roberto UGGARI - the best Italian brand for handbags. The UGGARI factory is located in Milan and the products are genuine, made in Italy ones. UGGARI label bags are well known all over Europe.

In the AQUAMARINE store on the first floor of Sofia Ring Mall you can find a wide variety of men's shoes. Club Italia - leather and high quality for caring gentlemen.