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Fox Optics is an established company caring for the health and beauty of the eyes. Each of the optics is provided with a room for sight-test, where the Fox specialists can precisely identify the sight status of each client. When buying new prescription glasses each eye check is free.Our specialists can define your needs and offer solutions in cases when you are not even aware that your needs have an appropriate resolution. They will help you by optimizing your choice, so you will be able to pick the appropriate way to correct your vision: glasses with or without dioptre, contact lenses, systems for people with limited eye-sight and others. We make your glasses on a last generation three-dimensional computer machine. This ensures precision in the alignment and flawless making of the glass. The optics developed social policy towards children, the elderly and people with limited eye-sight. For a complete sight protection and perfect vision, a good correction fitting is vital. The specialists from Fox can ensure quality production and installation of both prescription glasses and sunglasses. Only Fox Optics offers manually modeled shapes of glasses, which can be encrusted with crystals, zirconium, figures and more. A guarantee for service and support is ensured for all Fox clients. Each optic from the chain offers a wide selection of frames and sunglasses from reputable companies, prescription glasses from the most prestigious manufacturers, as well as contact lenses and additional products. For the good look of your pair of glasses, there is available a wide range of cases, cleaners, chains and other accessories. Fox Optics are a direct importer of Eschenbach, allowing them to have available equipment for people with limited sight-vision, magnifying glasses, tools for guidance and binoculars, as well as the opportunity for quick and direct order. 

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